Assisted Reproductive Techniques

A message from the editor:
Some pieces of knowledge to begin with or to end up with: evidence based info on Assisted Reproductive Techniques. We will try to give you the latest and up-to-dated insights on  basic and advanced principles in performing research,
info on the female and male reproductive system, assessment of infertility, and the most advanced features in Assisted Reproduction Techniques and their complications.
Harry Siristatidis

Duration: March - May 2024
Certificate in
Assisted Reproductive Techniques is awarded by the National and Kapodistrian
University of Athens

Synchronous or Asynchronous Distance Learning

The Lectures will be held every Friday and Saturday

Tuition Fees:

Early Bird Registrations: -10%

Advanced Payment: 100€

IVF - acronym from wooden blocks with letters, abbreviation IVF In vitro fertilisation concept, random letters around, white  background
Target Audience

Program Requirements

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Ultrasound, stomach and doctor with pregnant patient in a hospital with a machine to check on baby health in hospital. Pregnancy woman consulting with obgyn or healthcare expert in a medical clinic
Tuition Fees

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The Course

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IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) acronym on colorful wooden cubes
Teaching Modules

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#Certificate of Continuing  Vocational Education

Successful completion of the Course leads to the award of a Certificate of Continuing Vocational Education in “Assisted Reproductive Techniques” awarded by the Medical School as well as by the Center of Continuing Education and Lifelong Learning of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. A Europass Certificate is also be awarded.


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